Premium Membership (Yearly)

$3,500.00 / year

Experience Personal Access

Connect with your PremierMED physician in a more direct and convenient manner. Introducing PremierMED PRIME, an exclusive membership program that puts you at the forefront of your well-being. With closer personal access, you and our team can determine your health goals, and get a better understanding of the ‘you’ you’d like to become.

  • $3150/member
  • $5250/couple
  • $525/added child (up to 21yo)

Membership Options


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$3500/member; $6000/couple; $625/added child (up to 21yo)

  • Includes all amenities of Signature Membership
  • Same-day priority appointments
  • Home visits
  • Annual health summary written report.
  • Part of a deeper purpose of our membership:
    • Provide greater attention to patients’ medical complexities
    • Enable physicians to provide medical care to underserved areas via mission trips.

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