About PremierMED

For New Patients

PremierMED Family & Sports Medicine is welcoming new patients! You’ll notice PremierMED is not quite the same as most medical practices. Come and see to experience the difference in your medical care.

Prior to your initial visit with us, please complete the “New Patient Forms”. Since we are a paperless practice, these forms will be carefully integrated with your electronic personal health file. You will have the privilege of accessing this information via your personal login that will be emailed to you after your visit.


  1. Complete the fillable forms You must download Adobe to complete these forms.
  2. Email info@premierfsm.com the forms along with a copy of the front and back of your insurance card
  3. In order to make an appointment, we must create your patient portal. We require the following information to set up for portal: – Name – Date of Birth – Phone – Email – Mailing Address
  4. Once your portal is created, you will receive an email. Register on the portal following the instructions in the email.
  5. Call us to schedule your initial appointment (establishing an appointment).

The Origin

As a group of passionate physicians and enthusiastic athletes, our team became perplexed by the tremendous gap in the experience and delivery of healthcare, particularly when it came to improving and preserving fitness and quality of life. PremierMED was created to fill that void, speaking directly to how we connect, live, work, play, and heal. Ultimately, we want to capture that which inspires all of us to push boundaries, become better versions of ourselves and enjoy life to its fullest. No matter what, our desire is to connect with you on a personal level and show you that we care.

The Logo

We believe in delivering a great service experience. Our logo was carefully crafted to display our emphasis on your family’s health and our love for sports medicine; the timeless staff of Aesculapius has been merged with the Olympic torch whose flames gracefully change into leaves of a family tree, inspiring us to carry the torch along with you in the marathon of life. We wanted our brand and reputation to reflect our strong values and priorities of physical, mental, and spiritual health – always striving, always encouraging, and always pushing boundaries.

Where We’re Going

At PremierMED, we strive to practice what we preach – push the boundaries and strive to be better each and every day. As a team and community, we know that we can achieve great things by encouraging each other. Part of our inspiration is drawn from directly connecting with you in a personal and meaningful matter. We want to connect not just through our brand, but in our everyday interactions. As a result, we will create an environment in which you feel encouraged, understood and inspired. We are then able to grow together as we push forward to get better every day. Where will this take us? Come and see!

Primary Care Providers (PCP)

We are your PCP. That is, we are like a quarterback hustling beside you. Today’s medical environment is ever-changing and expanding, requiring excellent guidance to navigate these waters. With an emphasis on pursuing superb physical health, we can establish a firm foundation of health and wellness. In most cases, treating our bodies well enables us to heal ourselves and prevents most problems that can result in the greatest harm to ourselves. However, sometimes life brings unexpected, complex challenges that require us to integrate specialized tests, imaging studies, and the expertise of specialists. We work with the best teams with the highest standards in providing quality medical care. Topping it all off, this service is provided with a friendly smile! If you feel you would appreciate a better relationship with your physician, then consider joining our exclusive concierge medical program, PRIME!

PRIME | Concierge Medicine

PremierMED also offers a separate option to connect with your physician in a more direct and convenient manner through our concierge medical program, called PRIME. PRIME is an exclusive option that allows you to prioritize your wellbeing. Within this personalized program, we offer two levels of service: Signature and Premium. Our Premium program provides the most direct care in the most convenient manner, and if necessary even in the comfort of your own home. The Signature plan has become our most popular option among our often busy beloved patients. With both programs, you are free to text, call or email any of our physicians directly without barriers.

Contact PremierMED

Learn more about PremierMED, our PRIME Memberships, or our physicians by contacting our office today!