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Orlando Style recently published an article about Dr. Visser & Dr. Langley. Read the article on Orlando Style Elite Doctors 2016.


Dr. Visser and Dr. Langley started their medical careers at the Florida State University College of Medicine and continued their training at the University of South Florida in primary care and non-surgical sports medicine. Both doctors are board certified and have extensive training caring for high level athletes from World Championship 70.3 Ironman competitors, Philadelphia Phillies baseball players, professional golfers, and Tampa Bay Storm arena football players, to multiple sports teams at the University of South Florida, local high school football athletes and recreational sports competitors in the community. After years of focusing on elite athletes, Dr. Visser and Dr. Langley brought their knowledge and skills to Orlando, where they opened PremierMED Family & Sports Medicine. Besides treating the athlete, PremierMED also welcomes the weekend warrior, the former high school or college athlete who wants to stay active, and those with chronic neck or back pain resulting from years of mechanical imbalance.

Joint pain can affect a person’s activity level and, in turn, overall health, including blood pressure, sugar level, cholesterol, and emotional state. Because Dr. Visser and Dr. Langley both specialized in family medicine first, they not only treat the injured joint or body part, but go beyond the regular musculoskeletal management to incorporate metabolic, nutritional, hormone, and emotional wellness into their healthcare. As big believers in optimizing your health to minimize injuries or medical problems, Dr. Visser and Dr. Langley offer annual physical exams, labs, and chronic care management. They are also aptly assisted by a compassionate and knowledgeable nurse practitioner, Heather Sheldon.


In today’s medicine, it’s easy to feel like a number instead of a person. At PremierMED, you’re never rushed through your appointment and each question you have is answered with the utmost care and concern. You become more than just a patient; you become a part of the team. Ultimately, we want to capture that which inspires all of us to push boundaries, become better versions of ourselves, and enjoy life to the fullest.


When Dr. Visser and Dr. Langley first started their practice, similar to a new sports team, a good logo was paramount. Our logo was carefully crafted to display our emphasis on your family’s health and our love for sports medicine. The timeless staff of Aesculapius was merged with the Olympic torch, whose flames gracefully change into leaves of a family tree, inspiring us to carry the torch along with you in the marathon of life. We wanted our brand and reputation to reflect our strong values and devotion to physical, mental, and spiritual health.


We strive to practice what we preach, focusing on eating well, exercising, and emotional strength. By encouraging each other, we know that we can achieve great things. One of our goals is to create a great environment in which you feel understood, and inspired. Our desire is to connect with you on a personal level. As a result, we all grow together and push forward to get better every day.


Both physicians love to teach and became associate clinical professors for the Florida State University College of Medicine. Over the past few years they have been involved in the development of concussion protocols and research, as well as presented at multiple medical conferences throughout Florida. Dr. Visser has also served locally on the board for the Roper YMCA. Not only is teaching and helping our local community important, but through the help of a team, providing care and support to villages in Honduras has also become a mission of PremierMED.


Dr. Langley is an avid surfer and enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and daughter. Dr. Visser enjoys tennis, golf, triathlons, and time with his wife, twin daughters and son.

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